No excuse not to hear. State of the art sound system installed at Halsey Masonic hall.

No longer should we hear brethren who meet  at Halsey Hall say they can’t hear when attending functions in the dining room.

Thanks to the Events team and Bro Nick Tessier of Watford 404 we now have a state of the art sound system, funded by the 200 Club, installed in the dining room. There are three roaming microphones and a loop system in place with excellent sound quality which will provide excellent facilities for our own and outside functions

Despite the very hot and sticky weather Brother Nick assisted his friend Tristan Davis, who donated his time free gratis basis, install the system to ensure that yet again we continue to enhance the hall for the enjoyment of all.  It took them pretty much a full day and the only downside was that the bar wasn’t open when they finished !

Full training on its’ use will be given to all staff and designated persons who will be on site to assist with the use of this very expensive equipment.