Homestart and SCBU Charity Presentation

June saw the Halsey Hall Events Team meet with representatives Ali Nunes and Emma Power of a local charity ‘Homestart’ together with Shelia Ramage from the Watford Hospital Trust Secure Baby Unit (SCBU).

Both charities provide care in different ways, with the SCBU Unit dedicated to the care of new born babies and is the better known organisation with most of us who either from personal experience or knowing someone who has had to experience the care and attention that the SCBU unit so efficiently provides.

Slightly lesser known but equally vital is Homestart,  a local Watford charity that has been running since 1993,  giving help and support to vulnerable and overwhelmed families with a child under 5..

It was therefore with great pleasure that the purpose of the meeting was for the Events Team,  on behalf of the Masons  who meet at Halsey Hall Watford,  to present each of the Charities with a cheque for the sum of £750.00.

The money raised came from various social events held at Halsey Hall Watford, in particular the ever- popular Christmas party and the St George’s  Day luncheon.

Both charities were extremely grateful, because for the SCBU Unit it means that they can enhance the facilities they offer and for Home-Start who, as with most charities in these austere times, found their funding reduced were going to have to cut back their services. One notable event is their annual families day trip so the donation has  meant that the  trip can  continue.

The gratitude shown by both charities really did  emphasize to the Events Team  the importance of the masonic principles towards charity which as Masons form our everyday life,

it was enjoyable to see the happiness derived and that whilsty enjoying ourselves at our social events   we are also by our fundraising  able to make life a little bit better for others .

Brian Handley

Halsey Hall Watford Events Team